Provisioning modular and highly linked approach while utilizing components that are future-proof and resilient to competition

The whole idea behind collecting and managing data is building information and knowledge out of it. Collecting data and storing it only in single storage or organization (silo) is far from full potential. The real value of data-based information and knowledge appears when it can be shared with other stakeholders and users that include the initial owner of the data (e.g. individuals). That brings out the importance of interconnecting various systems and frameworks in reliable and efficient way which considers the sensitivity of the data exchanged, their provenance and legal requirements…

Data is often called new oil but it is obvious that only the data that is meaningful, properly collected, sorted and handled according to the relevant protocols and regulatory environment pose the real value. Exchanging of data between two entities must happen securely and the systems used need to withstand the risk vectors, both internal and external. Misusing the data or poor handling of data just by negligence may bring huge financial and image loss to the party involved.

Levercode’s expertise is building effective data exchange layers that are based on latest, most advanced technologies while taking into consideration specific characteristics, standards, protocols and risk evaluation. We help you to transform from fragmented exchange systems to a unified setup.


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