Creating identity management systems, ledgers, payment instruments, trading platforms, and gateways to render interconnected e-services by a digital mycelium

Every piece (bit) of data has its source or owner. When we talk about data there is always some type of identity behind it. In rare cases the identities are hard to find, or they are purposefully hidden behind decrypted addresses but they always exist.

In case of countries, every individual having relationship with this country either by citizenship or residency, needs to have identity. The countries that wish to take advantage of new technologies and increase their operational efficiency, save taxpayers’ money and provide better services to their citizens and residents, aspire for establishment of digital identity. This process requires a clear strategy, a lot of knowledge and technical capability but most of all, political courage and decisiveness.

Levercode as a technology developer has worked with Dagcoin to create a cryptocurrency that is based on DAG- Directed Acyclic Graph technology. Part of the Dagcoin infrastructure are the registries of identities, ledger, payment and storage facilities (wallets) and various trading platforms accepting Dagcoins as a means of payment.


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