Levercode brings together comprehensive expertise and deep knowledge in a wide array of technologies. In our everyday work, we rely mostly on our well trained and experienced in-house technology experts. Our experts have worked for various Estonian and international technology companies, other industries and Government institutions. As a result, we are prepared to put ourselves into clients' shoes and understand their specific needs and issues.

Levercode’s horizontal expertise is multifunctional and can be utilized both in the public and private sector. While the primary focus of Levercode is on designing reliable e-Governance ecosystems for Governments, a number of its components or sub-systems are utilized also by private vertical industries such as finance and telecommunications. Estonian experience shows that commercial banks and telecommunication firms were the first to integrate Digital Identity and Signature into their client authentication and service provision platforms. Similarly, these sub-systems play important roles in other industries and public service domains like Digital Health, for example. Levercode has developed Post-Quantum Capable Digital Identity and Signature Platform Lever ID (see: ) that is available both for Governments and companies.

Besides Digital Signature capable Identity platform, Registries and Interoperability (in the form of Data Exchange Layer) are major indispensable building blocks that form the Foundation - prerequisite of sustainable and reliable e-Government​. All three are separate, but at the same time closely related​ and form the platforms that allow Governments and companies to build e-services on top of the Foundation.

Levercode Stack (see image below) gives a good overview of the interconnection of the components of foundational layer (ID, Data Exchange Layer, and Registries), Compliance and Proof Tech tools in which Levercode has acquired profound expertise.

Levercode Stack

Levercode’s solid expertise in the utilisation of Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) allows us to build systems and applications for Fintech and other sectors in which getting the proof of an event is of crucial importance. Producing such proof is essential for systems using Wallets and/or Messaging Systems as their underlying mode of operation.

Modularity and future-proofing are important concepts and principles for Levercode. Our expertise entails designing and creating the data systems that, whilst relying largely on existing open source technologies, allow us to add new functional modules or technology upgrades without the need to replace or redesign the entire system. This way, the client gets a sustainable, cost-effective data system and can focus mostly on its core business.

Compliance has become one of the dominant keywords or principles in our work. First of all, Levercode’s expertise lies in evaluating the operation of existing information systems against the existing legal environment. After identification of the gaps in compliance, we can either provide a Blueprint for modification of the system or suggest necessary changes in legislation, depending on the needs of the client or demands of the environment.

Levercode has also expertise in designing and providing secure infrastructure and hosting to protect your data and business processes from the risks stemming from the outside world. We conduct extensive security testing according to the best practices of the industry and provide private servers that ensure that your products' uptime is maximized and your clients can continue to use your products and services with minimum downtime.

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Our mission is to provide reliable data governance systems that maximise efficiency.

Our mission is to provide reliable data governance systems that maximise efficiency and productivity while keeping operational risk low, sensitive data protected, provenance and processes in compliance with the surrounding regulatory evironment.

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