Our ultimate goal is to make sure that while reaping the benefits of digital technologies, your data are processed and handled efficiently without putting you at risk.

Dear visitor,

Thank you for your interest in our company and Levercode’s applied approach to creating reliable data systems. It is actually a big bow to yourself since our ultimate goal is to make sure that while reaping the benefits of digital technologies, your data are processed and handled efficiently without putting you at risk.

Out of all the data our main partners process, be them the Governments or large companies, they process data whose ownership is claimed by other persons, legal entities or individuals. Therefore, we take it as our mission to provide governments, companies, and individuals with clear and reliable guidance to creating sustainable governance platforms. Our data governance systems maximize our partners data handling efficiency and productivity while keeping the operational risk low, sensitive data protected and provenance up to date as well as processes in compliance with the surrounding regulatory environment. It may sound like a bureaucratic cliché but clearly demonstrates our focus - we set the data and its risk mapping first. Then, based on the specifics of the data, risk, and regulatory environment, we provision tools and technologies to build the systems that ensure reliability and long-term sustainability.

If it sounds too complicated or you do not know how and where to start, please send us a note or question. Data systems need not to be rocket science. Our experts excel in listening you, explaining difficult domains with easy words and identify how we can offer the best value for data.

Till then!

Gustav Poola

[ How we can build value for you? ]

Levercode is not a traditional application builder or programming company. As data experts, we go one or more layers deeper and put our focus on data integrity first. We do see the big picture, yet we notice every mission critical detail of the system that is instrumental in maximizing its reliability and lowering the risk of operations.

We believe that there is no „one size fits all“ solution when we talk about your mission critical systems. Based on your specific situation, needs and definition of the issue to be solved, we put you back at helm of the technology and data that you own, collect, and process by:

  • Providing you with the data governance systems that are reliable and operate on low risk
  • Developing Digital Identities and relevant registries
  • Building data exchange layer to fully integrate your IT-systems
  • Turning your trust-based solutions into proof-based platform by implementing Proof Technologies incl. Blockchain or other DLTs
  • Securing the compliance of your data systems with the surrounding regulatory environment (eg. GDPR, AML)
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Levercode’s role in Estonia's digital revolution

Since Levercode was established in 2014, as a company, we were not yet around when Estonia started building up its e-governance systems in late 1990s. However, number of our experts were. Therefore, we have extensive in-house knowledge on how these systems and solutions operate, what are their strengths and weaknesses.

We are currently involved in redesigning the architecture and some of the solutions that were developed two decades ago with the purpose of bringing more reliability, resilience and sustainability to the system and making sure that these systems comply with the new regulatory environment (e.g. data privacy and protection, GDPR)