About Levercode

Levercode is your partner in building foundation for large mission critical systems that require high degree of reliability and low operation’s risks.
We set your needs and vision first in helping you to tackle the issues with advanced technological solutions.

We are NOT traditional application builder/programming company. As data experts, we go one or more layers deeper and put our focus on data integrity first. Based on client’s needs, their understanding and definition of the problem in hand, we approach the situation with an extensive discovery phase and advance to build a model for solution taking into account the risks and evolving regulatory environment. We see the big picture (forest behind the trees)!

As a result, a sustainable, reliable and fully integrated system can be specified which allows painless and straightforward extension of number of service providers and applications that will smoothly cooperate. Also, the system is legal-proof and provides necessary regulatory protection of data.

We see governments and large corporations that own or handle an abundance of data as our primary business partners and/or clients. To work with governments cross border, we see the need (or at least we find it useful) to have a local technology company as a partner to provide regional development/engineering support and provide future maintenance for the systems we build. Knowledge and technology transfer is OK for us!

The company has also lots of experience with digital identity management systems, ledgers, smart contract instruments, trading platforms, and gateways to render interconnected e-services by a digital mycelium.

Levercode’s role in Estonia's digital revolution

Levercode as a company was not yet around when Estonia started building up its e-governance systems in late 1990s but a number of our experts were. Therefore, we have extensive in-house knowledge on how these systems/solutions operate, what are their strengths and weaknesses.

We are currently involved in redesigning the architecture and some of the solutions that were developed two decades ago with the purpose of bringing more reliability, resilience and sustainability to the system and making sure that these systems comply with the new regulatory environment (data privacy and protection, GDPR e.g.)


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