Blueprint for [Data] Governance

Reliable, sustainable, and low risk data governance systems

We help Governments and companies to execute Digital Transformation

  • Providing digital identification and signing

  • Designing proof based and reliable data governance systems that operate at low risk

  • Enabling interoperability between IT systems and registries

  • Turning trust-based solutions into proof-based platform by implementing Proof Technologies incl. Blockchain or other DLTs

  • Securing the compliance of data systems with the surrounding regulatory environment (eg. GDPR, AML)

  • Assessing the attack surface of the current IT system and infrastructure

Business areas we are focusing on


Nearly all countries and Governments aspire to use digital technologies in providing services to its citizens and residents. Levecode focuses on basic foundational data systems that are of vital importance for effective digital governance and integrity of the whole ecosystem.

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Information about our health is one of the most important things to us. The same goes for getting proper hospital treatment or healthcare advice. Accurate information regarding person’s blood type, chronic health issues, and medication history literally become a matter of life and death.

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Financial Management and Services are the areas that have reaped tremendous benefits from technological advancements. Besides making it faster and more convenient to transfer funds from one entity to another, digital currencies have opened a whole new array of opportunities for transferring of value, ownership, and accumulating wealth.

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