Levercode's Mission

Levercode’s mission is to provide governments, companies and individuals with reliable data governance systems that maximize their efficiency and productivity while keeping the operational risk low, sensitive data protected and provenance up to date as well as processes in compliance with the surrounding regulatory environment.

More About Us

Levercode makes researches on different topics:

  • - Proof Technology
  • - Identity systems
  • - Government Cloud Services
  • - and many more...
Our Expertise

We pride ourselves in creating reliable technological solutions. Before coding starts, we take extra steps to ensure that the clients specification is compliant to their products regulatory environment.

We create systems that can not only hold up against different technological attack vectors, but also audits by regulators, which are equally a substantial risk to companies revenue and reputation.

Our Expertise


Building foundation for large mission critical systems with high degree of reliability and low operation risks

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Interconnecting technologies and smart frameworks to transform today’s industry problems into solutions of the future

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ID Management

Creating identity management systems, ledgers, payment instruments, trading platforms, and gateways to render interconnected e-services by a digital mycelium

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Provisioning modular and highly linked approach while utilizing components that are future-proof and resilient to competition

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Providing more reliability and alignment with regulatory compliance on every level of industrial technology stack

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Blockchain and other DLT

Providing proof where trust is not enough

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